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Recruiting for Raids
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Riagan, Sep 18, 10 4:27 PM.
DKP Points will start after 6 raids.

DKP - You may only bid in interval of 5's (5, 10, 15)
        You may go 'ALL-IN', i.e.. Say you have 16 dkp, Someone bids 15, You may go 'ALL-IN' by saying 'ALL IN         (dkpamounthere)'

You may not go Negative.

You may bring alts. (if you can box them well we may ask you to leave them)

You will not get dkp on alts. (unless asked by a Raid Leader to bring)

You will not be able to roll/bid on alts. (unless told otherwise by a Raid Leader)

DKP is updated AFTER raids, Not after each monster. (unless stated otherwise)

--In the situation that we need you to play a Character on that Account we will give your Main and that Character DKP and allow you to bid for your Main Character or the one your on at that Current Time.--
Raids have not started, I will announce a date when we start raiding atleast 2 day's before.

We currently need a backup Raid Leader.

You must be able to make atleast 2 raid's a week,
You must know Anguish raids,
You must have an iq above your age.
You must show you deserve it. (Level/AA's)


Raid updates
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